ChargeDock Pro: The Only Charger Your Devices Need

When it comes to charging your phone, airpods, and smartwatches, there aren’t a lot of options more elegant and
as practical as the ChargeDock Pro. Especially if you’re listening to music for hours and using your phone and
watch every day (and who doesn’t?!) we’re sure you’re sick of the cords and cables lying around the floor.

Solve your cable problem and slow charging with our ChargeDock Pro.


For ONLY $24.95
  • Sleek elegant design that fits seamlessly on your desk
  • A single dock for your phone, Airpods, and iWatch
  • Fast 7.5-10W charging for Samsung and iPhone
  • Supports Nightstand mode for your smartwatch
  • Compatible with ALL Qi-Enabled Phones and smartwatches

Why the ChargeDock Pro?

For ONLY $24.95

The ChargeDock Pro is a multifunctional wireless charging dock that charges simultaneously up to 3 devices. Instead of using a different charger for your phone, your watch and Airpods each night, you can set all 3 on our dock.

What’s more, with the 7.5 watts charging energy, your devices will be charged quicker than with a normal 5-watt charger.

You can rely on our ChargeDock Pro that it won’t overheat your devices and with the overcharge, over-voltage and high-temperature control protection your devices will be safe at all times.

High-Quality, Reliable Technology, and Design

For ONLY $24.95

All in all, the ChargeDock Pro fits ideally on everyone’s nightstand or desk. This 3 in 1 dock uses 7.5 watt wireless technology instead of the 5 watts so you can expect the fastest possible wireless charging speed and it provides 10 watt for Samsung Phones!

However, hi-tech functionality isn’t the only thing our charging dock comes with. Its elegance is appropriated by a durable casing and a subtle soft finish. The smooth surface is guaranteed to support your devices without scratching them while the rubber material will hold your phone still even if it rings and vibrates. With the non-slid pad on the bottom of the dock, the stability of the entire unit, empty or full, is guaranteed.

Made for: All Android and iOS Phones (8 and later) that support wireless charging. Also for Airpods and Android and all kind of smartwatches.

For ONLY $24.95

Real Value for Money

The experts have confirmed that the ChargeDock Pro is truly a value for your money, and given the practicality and effectiveness, the other docks in the same price range don’t stand a chance.

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