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We advise our clients on possibly strategies to ensure the protection of their IP rights and assist them for local (UAE) and international registration of their brands, logos, designs, inventions, etc. We use most effective ways for protecting their works, databases and have recourse to escrow services in certain circumstances.


All of the following intellectual property objects
may be registered locally (UAE) or internationally

Brand, Logo

Registration of a brand or logo is necessary so that the exclusive right to such a means of individualization belongs only to one right holder and gives him the opportunity to manage the trademark at his discretion, include it in the authorized capital, transfer the right to use the franchise, or prohibit its use to others.


In this case, the site layout and information located on the resource will be protected. Also takes into account the original content or the unique arrangement of materials on the web page. Therefore, all posted information must be created from its own creative resources.


Software copyright is used by Software Developers and proprietary software companies to prevent the unauthorized copying of their software.

Mobile APP

The main subject to protection of a mobile application is the source code. Additionally, other objects could be protected as well: graphic images (including various characters), design, musical compositions, video clips, trademarks and so on.


Design works to be protected under intellectual property, both as objects of copyright and as objects of industrial property. This happens because the concept of design can be defined quite widely.


Timely and proper registration of the right to technology gives an opportunity to obtain the intangible assets - the property that will be protected by law.


For many online projects, content is an important asset. To create it, financial and time resources are spent. Therefore, copying content or making claims on it by third parties can significantly affect the future activities of the project.


Conception protection is how to start any business. In essence, this is a thought or what a scientist, author, artist or entrepreneur decided to do, clothed in clear wording: what to do, how to do it, and what the result should be. Protecting Startup concept clients benefit from secure relationships with investors. Uniqueness verified and proven by 3rd party attracts investor's trust. Hence, the startup reaches economic efficiency faster.


The objects of the invention The law calls the product and method. For the purposes of the Law, “product” means a subject as a result of human labor, “method” is a process, method or method of performing interrelated actions on an object (objects), as well as applying a process, method, method or product for a specific purpose.


Protect audio and video materials from unauthorized use of your work: illegal distribution, sharing files acquired by clients, screeshots and its broadcasting, leakage of confidential information/ intellectual property in free access.


Documentation is a set of officially recognized documents drawn up in a certain form and containing the stipulated information. There are accounting, technical, design, engineering, technological, commodity (goods) documentation etc.


Such as, Slogans, Scripts, Signs, Articles, Books, Package design, Icons, Layouts, Works of science, Business projects, Author's cuisine, Tender documentations, Dimensional models, forms, Author's teaching materials, Other performing arts

Ipravo is an autorized operator of the European Copyright Office

Global coverage 175 countries

Recognition of authorship throughout the world (in all member-countries of Berne Convention).

Faster process 10 working days

A faster process to protect your IP just in 10 business days.

Longer protection Lifetime +

Copyright offers long-term protection – in place for the life of the author, plus 50 (or more) years after their death.

Lower cost From 15,000 AED

A complete copyright registration starts from just AED 15,000 whereas trademark registration will set you back between AED25,000 and 30,000.

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We also register

25,000 AED
Registration period 4-12 months
Recognize in GCC

A patent is a right, granted by government, to exclude others from making, using, or selling your invention in UAE.eral Law No. 44 for the year 1992 pertaining to the Industrial

25,000 AED
Registration period from 2 months
Recognize in UAE only

A trademark is a sign capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one enterprise from those of other enterprises.

15,000 AED
Registration period from 10 days
Recognize in 175 countries

Copyright in the UAE is protected under the Copyright and Authorship Protection Law No. 7 for the year 2002.



  • What does “licensing” of the works mean and how it works?

    If you are the owner or righhtsholder, you can grant permission for its use or the extraction of commercial benefit from it. Such authorization is usually referred to as a “license” and may be issued on a fee-based or gratuitous basis. Of course, when entering into any licensing agreement, it is recommended to seek professional assistance.

  • Can I register a copyright for my software or mobile app?

    In order to register a computer program, you need to create a brief description of the objects (project design, functionality, information materials, etc.) as well as the source code of the registered software.

  • What actions can be taken in case of unauthorized reproduction of the work?

    It is usually possible to file a claim with a court in order to receive monetary compensation, as well as to prevent further or repeated violations. However, before taking such action, you are recommended to send a formal complaint to the alleged offender with the requirement to stop illegal usage of the protected object

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