WiFi iBooster

The easiest way to boost the speed and range of your WiFi internet

Cut your internet costs in half by using the WiFi iBooster
and double the range and speed of your internet

  • High-quality, robust device you buy only once and use forever
  • Easy to set up and install (no experience needed)
  • Lose any uncovered WiFi spots and cover the whole house/office/store with high-speed uninterrupted internet
  • With WiFi iBooster you can stream videos without the slow connection buffering process
  • The WiFi iBooster is compatible with all routers and internet providers anywhere in the world
  • Compact, practical size, easy to travel with

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Goodbye Slow Internet, Hello Supercharged WiFi Connection

Whether while working or watching a movie online, inevitably, at some point, you have experienced an issue with your internet connection. It’s frustrating, we know it! Especially when it interrupts you in the middle of the movie or during a download. In order to solve these issues for you, we introduce you to the WiFi iBooster that won’t only increase the range of your WiFi to all corners of your house, but it will also improve the connection, make it more stable and reliable so you can enjoy high-speed internet without paying for a more expensive plan.

Doesn’t that sound awesome?


Our device is extremely efficient in increasing the power and the speed of your internet. You no longer have to keep your WiFi devices closer to the router when streaming or downloading videos or larger files. Now, you can be anywhere in the house and enjoy a stable connection.

This device is designed to increase the speed of your internet up to 300Mbps when transmitted through your router. You simply need to plug the device in your power outlet, and it will automatically identify the WiFi connection in your home that needs to be improved.

And don’t worry about décor. This portable, compact device will fit your existing home with its sleek design. It’s also great to travel with since it’s lightweight and robust.

Just plug it into your wall power outlet and it will start doing its magic right away. It has an elegant design and it is very portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Why is Wifi IBooster so Popular?

It is common to have one wireless router at home onto which all WiFi devices are connected. Through this router, the signal is transmitted to almost all areas of the house. However, routers have one big issue, and that is that they don’t have a very vast range to cover all corners in the house with reliable, stable internet. Especially when more than three devices, tablets, laptops, mobile phones are connected to it at the same time. This significantly decreases the speed and range of the internet, and it’s when you get interrupted signal.


To get rid of these problems, you would need to either get a more robust internet, which is a quite expensive upgrade to be paid monthly or to get few more routers to install around the house. These two options are not optimal because they cost more and are more complicated to do. That is why the WiFi iBooster is here to fix your internet problems without breaking the bank or needing any complicated device installations.

This elegant device has a set of high-range antennas that are able to pick up your signal and transmit it through far-reaching corners of your house or office. This amplified signal will be fast and stable, so an unlimited number of users can use it on their devices without any significant interruptions.

This is a one-time investment that amplifies your internet signal by 200% and lasts forever. WiFi iBooster is a device that is easy to install. You just need to plug it in, and it will detect the signal in your home and amplify it. You don’t have to have any complicated install instructions or experience with similar devices. Anyone can have the WiFi iBooster in the comfort of their home. It transmits through concrete walls, steel, in remote areas, and different floors. You can connect all your WiFi devices like laptops, cameras, tablets, phones to its amplified signal without a password. However, with its WPA2 encryption and WPS, no matter where you are, you can be sure that you have a secure connection and can browse the internet safely.

Have a question? See our FAQs

  • How much does WiFi iBoost cost?

    We have limited stock with free delivery for only $49.95 (It is not available on marketplaces or other stores)

  • Does it help with lag free gaming experience?

    We have pro teams using WiFi iBooster for StarCraft, Leage of Legends, Counter Strike, Call of Duty and others

  • My provider is Sprint, will it work? My router is D-Link, will it work?

    Wifi iBoost works with every internet provider and with all routers available on the market

  • How much time it takes to install?

    Simply insert the device to the power plug and switch on. Once it will detect your network it will extend the range and give you wifi boost! No special drivers or additional software/hardware required!

Enjoy Stronger Wifi Signal and Boosted Internet Connection Speed With Wifi iBooster